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Terms & Conditions

Course Fee
The course fee is for training only. (You will find the price under the description of the course you have chosen). There is a separate fee for accommodation (which includes food and the use of all the facilities). Where we offer a total package to include some or all of the follwoing elements, this will be clearly defined: Tuition, Accommodation, Transport. Please contact us directly if you require any additional information.

A self-drive car is normallly available for students aged 23+ – please bring your driving licence with you if you wish to take advantage of this. The only cost involved is the price of the petrol for recreational journeys.

LEC reserves the right to alter the rate of fees quoted without notice. Once an invoice is issued the fees will not be increased except for currency fluctuations of more than 10%.

A £250 (€420) deposit is required from individuals on booking to secure a place at LEC. The deposit will be credited to the first invoice issued and will be returned only if LEC cannot offer the student a place.

Payment Terms
Payment of fees is due 7 days before the start of the course for private students and 14 dates from date of invoice for corporate students, unless prior arrangement is made with LEC.

Bank Charges
All transfer charges should be paid by the student/company. Payment by cheques drawn on a non-UK bank account should include an additional handling charge of £15.00 (€25).

Credit and Charge Cards

No surcharge will normally be levied on invoices for tuition or accommodation paid by Credit or Charge Cards such as Visa or Mastercard. American Express and Diners Club cards are not accepted. When LEC is acting as a goodwill agent, for example for flight or hotel bookings, or for invoices under £100 (€170), card payments are subject to a surcharge. This is currently 3% but may be varied.

Cancellation and Withdrawal
LEC reserves the right to retain the deposit for any student cancelling a course once a booking has been confirmed. (The deposit will be credited if a future booking is made). In addition LEC will normally retain the first week’s fee (including the deposit) for any student cancelling less than 7 days before the course is due to start, and retain all fees paid by a student withdrawing after he/she has started a course at LEC.

LEC reserves the right to ask any student to leave without notice and without repayment.

Refund of Fees

LEC will, wherever possible, be generous in granting refunds in the case of hardship or ill-health, particularly when the student place can be re-sold. Early advice of any cancellation or withdrawal is recommended. Insurance must be aranged by the individual student on his/her own behalf.

Methods of Payment

Payment of deposit or fees may be made direct to LEC or to our bank in England. When payment is made direct to our bank, a copy of the transfer instructions should be sent to LEC so that we can acknowledge receipt at the earliest opportunity.

Payment by credit/charge card can be made by letter, fax (facsimile), telephone, PayPal or via secure payment on our website.

Payment may be in £ (sterling) or € (euro). Please use the appropriate Euro or Sterling account.

Students are insured against accident whilst studying at LEC or travelling in one of the centre’s vehicles and against theft and personal injury whilst on LEC property.

Students are strongly advised to take out insurance cover for travel, baggage and medical expenses before leaving their own country – these are not covered by LEC insurance nor can any claim be accepted by LEC.

LEC contracts and services are governed by and operate under the jurisdiction of the law currently pertaining in England.

Please quote the invoice number or student’s name on all bank transfer documents.

Please make sure you pay all bank transfer charges.

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