27 hrs 1-to-1 at Lydbury English Centre - Lydbury English Centre 2020

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Intensive One-to-One - 27 ____________________

Per Week:

  • 27hrs 1-to-1

  • 6+hrs self-study

  • Weekend modules are available

Please note - all hours are 60 minutes long.

Available for one or more weeks. This course programme can be extremely intensive and you may prefer our 21hrs 1-to-1 or our Balanced Combination Programme.

1 week: £3545 fully inclusive - see accommodation details.
2 weeks: £6380 fully inclusive - see accommodation details.
Additional weeks: £2690 fully inclusive.

The complete package – perfect for complete beginners, those with sensitive material, or high-level speakers who want to focus on specific issues. We recommend adding one or two weekend courses to maximise 1-to-1 training time if you don’t have time for more than one week.

Do you, or perhaps some of your contacts or colleagues, need to develop your communication skills for business or some other professional purpose? Do you wish you could use English more easily or efficiently as an international communication tool?  Do you wish you could manage as well in English as you do in your own language? Well, the good news is that we provide a cost-effective and time-effective solution.

What you get:

  • You benefit from a hand-picked team of professional, well- travelled trainers, all experienced in business and languages.

  • The complete package. We take care of everything, so you can relax and focus. Accommodation (on-site); delicious home-cooked meals in the company of your tutors, other students, and native English speakers; transport to and from the Centre (plus a shared car for the duration of your stay - T&C apply); Wifi and a phone line and internet connection if you need to stay online for business. And, of course, our world class training and coaching.

  • A course designed for you personally; the unique opportunity to develop your soft skills, increase your social and cross cultural communication, and rapidly accelerate your English language learning at the same time.

  • You get a totally dedicated programme - tailored entirely to your personal needs. This is normally 100% one-to-one but can include a small element of group work if this benefits your learning process; if, for example, you need an audience for a presentation or a colleague for a 'phone call, meeting or negotiation. This will only be included with your full agreement.

Please note:
  • Insurance - we do not include health, cancellation or loss insurance.

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