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Case Study Jessica


We not only helped Jessica to improve her professional English, we also coached her in accelerated learning techniques, to assist in preparing her for the intensive training sessions that she would be providing.

Jessica was a technical trainer in a German automotive company. She had just written a maintenance manual for a brand new model of car, and was required to run a three day training workshop for maintenance engineers. First of all she needed to check through all her PowerPoint slides to check that the English was correct. Next she wanted to practise delivering the presentation itself. However, we realised that this was not enough. She felt that three days was not enough time to deliver her training, so she needed to learn appropriate accelerated techniques. We therefore delivered her own English language training using some of the techniques that she would need to use in her own training – a sort of loop-input. We also gave her ideas, and language, for managing groups, as well as showing her how to help her participants embed their own learning. In the process we learnt some fascinating information about the kinds of software systems used in modern cars, and the amazing functions that are now available.

Case Study Jessica

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