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Balanced Combination Course or 1-to-1? __________

We normally recommend the Balanced Combination Course for most purposes. We use small group work when your needs are the same as other participants and when you need to practise communication skills. We combine this with 1-to-1 work where you have individual learninig needs or your material is confidential. The table below shows the main points for comparison but please contact us for further advice.  

Balanced Combination Course (BCC)   One-to-One Course       
BCC enables you to focus on both individual and shared needs. All 1-to-1 enables you to focus on your individual needs only. 
BCC provides the opportunity for realistic practice in interactive skills such as meetings, socialising, telephoning, negotiating and giving presentations. All 1-to-1 training provides limited opportunity for practising interactive skills. 
BCC offers the opportunity for you to learn from other participants.  All 1-to-1 training does not provide this opportunity. 
BCC offers you 27 hours of structured input, and time and space to practise, share, review, reflect and synthesize your learning with the support of your trainers.  All 1-to-1 input can be very tiring. You need additional time and space to review, reflect and synthesize your learning. For this reason we normally recommend a maximum of 21 hours of input per week.  
Please note that you are very welcome to combine these programmes. For example one week on a One-to-One course and one week on the Balanced Combination Course. These programmes can also be combined with a Short or Long Weekend Course.  

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