Author Topic: Don't look in the mirror and whine.  (Read 6309 times)

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Don't look in the mirror and whine.
« on: August 27, 2013, 10:16:04 pm »
What's the meaning of the underlined part?

Learning is a very personal thing. You have to learn by working, reading, rereading, and sweating. You can watch football or basketball all day, but the only way you’ll get better at a sport is by working at it. Likewise, the only way your mind will improve is by working at it. Nobody else can do that for you, and nobody else can be blamed if you don’t work hard enough to achieve that. I would tell kids this cold, hard reality: You can’t blame your parents, teachers, or government for anything. Don’t look in the mirror and whine. You either make the choice to spend each day wisely, preparing yourself for the future, or you don’t. In the end, you

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Re: Don't look in the mirror and whine.
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It means that you shouldn't whinge and moan about how badly life treats you, without making any effort to improve your lot. Don't just reflect on how bad things are and shift the blameto others - get off your behind and fix it yourself!