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Since I upgraded my PC to Win10 all my posts are spell checked against my native language dictionary. Previously it would recognise the language and check accordingly but now it seems to have lost English entirely. Unfortunately I am notoriously Keyboard challenged AND it does "correct" nouns it recognises to upper case (such as Keyboard).  :o I dont't find where I can add a second dictionary for Microsoft Edge. Any ideas?

I don't use Edge, so I can't tell you anything from personal experience. I use Google Chrome and Firefox, and I view the LGC in Firefox.  I did do a quick search, and it seems that Microsoft is failing to do  what you want. I couldn't find much about it except how to do some setting changes, which really don't address what you want.  I did find this explanation from a user:

--- Quote ---
Microsoft Edge does not support multiple spell-check dictionaries that are switchable on-the-fly. You need to change the keyboard language for that and also restart the browser, which is sort of useless as most people only have one connected keyboard.

This is a common complaint which Microsoft simply fails to understand, not understanding at all the needs of users dealing with multiple languages in their daily life.

Until Microsoft does something about this lack, the only solution is to use another browser.

--- End quote ---

Ah, ok. Good to know. I will try with the old Internet Explorer, I think it used to work back then.

OK, trying with the old IE. Doesn't work either. Language is selected via Win10, only one language at a time. How backward.


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