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How can I change my "user name"?

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Seiichi MYOYA:
To my great embarrassment, I wrongly typed my name.  Probably, that was not my first time (and will not be my last time).  The problem is that it happened to be my user name here.  Could you tell us how we could fix the problem?
Thank you in advance
Seiichi MYOGA 

I don't think you can, it's the one fix part of your profile. The easiest solution will be to open a new account with the correct name. Since you have only 3 post so far you wil loose next to nothing if you do it now.

I have the same problem. It has always annoyed me that I typed my name with a small d. Would be better as D. Can't fix that.

I fixed both of your problems, Seichi and Darryl.  I went into the profiles and then edit your profiles.  That was all I touched.

You are a great problem-solver, Bertha! I went to do that but it wanted a new password I think, and I couldn't remember the old one anyway. So many passwords these days I lose track of them.  :-\


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