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Is there a way to view "All My Posts"?

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Perhaps I need new glasses, but I cannot seem to find where to view all the posts that I have submitted. I am sure this was possible on the previous incarnation of this forum, not sure if this one has the same? I mean ALL, not just replies to mine since I last logged in.

Many thanks...

If you click on your profile, go to the link below your photo that says "Show Posts.";area=showposts;u=108

Thanks very much, Bertha!

After I finished reading. It made me realize that this is a new knowledge that really benefits the reader.

hello I have one doubt,that is i have to posted different topics for answers in one forum site,but i want to all my posts are visit,is there any option or a way to view All my posts? I need to see that all my posts,so if somebody knows please let me............…

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