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melt down
« on: August 12, 2013, 09:42:13 pm »
What's the meaning of the underlined part?

On the way home from school on Tuesday, a dad promises his five-year-old son that he will take him to the baseball game on Saturday afternoon. When they get home, he learns from his wife that earlier in the day, she scheduled a swim lesson for Saturday afternoon and can’t change it. When they tell their son, he gets terribly upset, and the situation melts down. Why is the kid so upset? Dad didn’t know about the swim lesson. By the adult definition, Dad did not lie. But by the kid definition, did lie. Any false statement—regardless of intent or belief— is a lie. Therefore, unwittingly, Dad has given his child the message that allows lies.

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Re: melt down
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Goes from bad to worse - dissolves into nothing.
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