Author Topic: A peek inside the life of Wikipedia’s volunteer with the most edits  (Read 3018 times)

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According to the statistics, most Wikipedia writers are males. In conclusion top wiki writers are all men. According to a research it was claimed by the researchers that women are most likely to only edit topics only related to their gender whereas men tend to edit on topics related to politics, history and general information.
Amongst those writers was a 32 year old Justin Anthony Knapp. He has been recognized as the sites most active volunteer of all times. Has made a total of 1,485,342 edits. Due to his consistent dedication he managed to make it to the top amongst other writers and editors working for Wikipedia. His first contribution was an edit at ‘Political Status Of Taiwan’.
He was contacted by Wikipedia’s team; flied him to DC for his voluntary work for the site. On this day Knapp has almost 1.5 million edits on his name and he does all this alongside his job and two other volunteer jobs.
His advice is to not slack off in life, referring to his past when he had no job; all he did was sit idle at home. Eventually he got inspired to work on Wikipedia. It was not for money, it was to gain and let others gain.
Do you think you can beat Knapp’s recorded number of edits?
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Re: A peek inside the life of Wikipedia’s volunteer with the most edits
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No way.  I am not sure if I viewed as many times as he edited, but I love it and am benefited great deal by it.  --- tk