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Sizing handle doesn't seem to work.

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Mr Tasker:
The area at the bottom centre of the posting field, which turns to an "up/down" arrow when you hover over it, doesn't work to resize the posting field. I presume that's its intended purpose.

When I left-click on the double arrow and drag it, it just includes any text below the box that I drag over and doesn't resize the window. I've tried various positionings and all buttons on the mouse.

Is it just me?

Hmm, mine works okay.  Which browser are you using?  I normally use Firefox for the LGC. 

Mr Tasker:
Opera. Perhaps that's the problem.

Thanks. I'll try another browser.

Sometimes, if you have had updates, things don't work right, which brings on another patch to fix the issue.  I used Opera years ago, but haven't in a long time.

I get the same thing with Chrome Mr T - but I think that and Opera are basically the same machine.


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