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Small problem when logging in

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I have noticed a slight problem with logging in.

When I first started, I simply clicked on the orange Login box. I was then presented with a sort of error screen, telling me that I need to fill in a username.

At some point, I noticed that to the left of the orange Login box are two black boxes, which is probably why I hadn’t noticed them: black against a black background. I assumed these were for my username and my password. If I hover the cursor over the first box, it gains an orange outline but the hovering the cursor over the second box produces nothing. I have found that if I type in my username and password in the two boxes and press ENTER, although the username is processed, I then receive the error screen with a message that my password is incorrect. The same is true if I click on the orange Login box.

In doing further tests just now, I found if I log out and then log in again, the password in the second black box IS accepted!!! It is only the first time after opening an internet session that the error occurs. If I log out, go to a different internet site, and return to the Lydbury site, everything works fine.

Has anyone else noticed this? It is only a very small problem, and has not stopped the world from turning!

What browser?

I am using Chrome on a PC and it keeps me logged in.

Please could anybody let me know if they have the same problems as Dave?

I'm using Firefox, but have had no issues with logging in.  My username and password are saved on my home PC, though, so I don't have to enter those. I click the Login button and the the Show unread posts!

You might try clearing your cache, to see if that makes any difference. Sometimes I have students who have log in issues in the LMS at my college, and that's often the problem. Their cache has reached a max!

I have no idea what I'm using. I just have the Lydbury site listed in the Favorites and when I click on it, it just pops up every time. No password required. Then I just go to the unread posts label and Bingo!

I am using Internet Explorer 8, as that is what we have at work. At home, sigh, we have a mixed bag, it is all Internet Explorer but different versions (ancient desktop PC, 3 year-old laptops).

I have the defaults set to delete everything when I close my internet sessions, as I don't like things to get clogged up. So I don't have anything 'saved' and need to supply usernames and passwords everywhere, not just on this site.


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