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Café / Re: Need Good Thoughts
« Last post by Bertha on Today at 01:38:40 pm »
Here's a link to some video from one of our local tv stations:
Café / Re: Need Good Thoughts
« Last post by Bertha on Today at 01:36:12 pm »

We have continued to have lines of severe thunderstorms every night this past week.  Nighttime storms are especially dangerous because it's much harder to see a tornado or what may be coming.  People rely on the television reporting with their use of various prediction means, most high powered radar systems. Those can spot tornadoes or the likelihood of the tornadoes path pretty far out; however, not always. Stormchasers are always out to look for any areas that might incur problems.  All that said, the recent storms have been tricky because the front of the storms bring very high winds quickly going from calm to 50+ mph in a minute or two. When that happens, there can be spin-up tornadoes, which might not be very big like the dramatic photos you may have seen before, but those small tornadoes can rip through a neighborhood or just hit whatever is in its path.  This is what happened last night (May 25, 2019), when a small tornado ripped through part of the city of El Reno, which is about 25 miles west of Oklahoma City.  It destroyed a motel, part of a mobile home park, and several other locations. Two people were confirmed dead so far and many people injured.

What did I do last night? I slept through the entire storm!  All is well at my house. We had almost two more inches of rain to add to the amounts we have had already. My backyard is pretty soggy. 

We still have chances of more severe weather to come through another week or so. 
Café / Re: Need Good Thoughts
« Last post by Darryl on Today at 10:27:33 am »
Bertha, how are you doing? Can you give us an update?
Language Questions / Re: it is good
« Last post by Darryl on Today at 10:24:23 am »
All a bit odd.
These medications are doing me some good.
Language Questions / it is good
« Last post by navi on May 25, 2019, 07:00:20 pm »
Which are correct:

1) It is good taking these medications.
2) It is good, taking these medications.

3) It is good for me taking these medications.
4) It is good for me, taking these medications.

Language Questions / Re: about negation
« Last post by Jay on May 25, 2019, 12:51:24 pm »
Thanks a lot :)
Language Questions / Re: about negation
« Last post by admin on May 25, 2019, 09:46:48 am »
They both really mean the same but #1 is more definite.
#1 - who are the people you really don't like and so would never invite.
#2 - these people may not be so bad but you don't want to invite them as the venue is too small etc.
Yes. That's fine.
Thanks, Duncan.  The part before the sentence in question seems to say "He had a great opportunity now because he had had a great loss".  I wonder if I can paraphrase your literal answer into the following.  Thanks again.  --- tk

Now the opportunity at hand allows that the gap in life is narrow enough for him to attempt to cross.
Language Questions / about negation
« Last post by Jay on May 24, 2019, 03:21:00 pm »
1) who do you not want to invite?
2) who don't you want to invite?

I can't actually understand the meaning difference between the two questions.
Is there really any difference in meaning?

My apologies, there had been an error in 2) and I have corrected it!

Thank you very much,

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