Author Topic: Learning something new every day  (Read 9969 times)

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Re: Learning something new every day
« Reply #30 on: February 26, 2014, 12:57:54 pm »
Two things today:

I cannot seem to find the posts that I want to quote, but in some dialects the endings "er" and "or" rhyme. There are even cases where the spelling varies, such as the word "converter / convertor". In my dialect, "ever" and "refrigerator" rhyme, as does "equator". This is also the same dialect that makes NO distinction between "marry" "Mary" and "merry" although my wife has taught me how "merry" is different and has had some success with me with the other two.

Second thing: we had an email today about refurbishments being done to the building, which included the following (I have not put in the missing apostrophe nor split the two words that need separating:

"Access to tenants demise maybe be necessary and will be coordinated and communicated accordingly with as much advance notice as possible."

I questioned the word "demise" and finally decided the writer must have been trying to write "premise" or "premises" but had made an error and the spell checker had attempted to correct it. However, an architect friend informed me thus:

"'Demise'  is the correct word. It is the legal expression used to describe a building or a part of a building which is occupied by a tenant. It must be a very antiquated word, but we do occasionally use it ourselves if preparing a survey of existing premises for a landlord. On that drawing we highlight in colour the "tenant's demise". One more word for you to drop into conversation!"
That is what I learned today!

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Re: Learning something new every day
« Reply #31 on: February 26, 2014, 10:19:38 pm »

In my dialect, "ever" and "refrigerator" rhyme, as does "equator".

  ???  And they reckon we Australians have a weird accent!!  ;D