Author Topic: infinite gulf of the past and the future  (Read 522 times)

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infinite gulf of the past and the future
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:48:07 pm »
Adjusting to the unbearable persistence of uncertainty may be one of the loftiest accomplishments of human wisdom. In a beautiful passage from Book V of his Meditations, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius — known in the Roman era as “the wise one” — captured something of the uncertain nature of life and how we might respond to it. “Repeatedly, dwell on the swiftness of the passage and departure of things that are and of things that come to be. For substance is like a river in perpetual flux, its activities are in continuous changes, and its causes in myriad varieties, and there is scarcely anything which stands still, even what is near at hand; dwell, too, on the infinite gulf of the past and the future, in which all things vanish away. Then how is he not a fool who in all this is puffed up or distressed or takes it hardly, as if he were in some lasting scene, which has troubled him for long?” Only a fool, in short, would be upset by change .

What's the meaning of the underlined part? It means some people cannot escape from its constraints because of their obsession about past and future, doest it?

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Re: infinite gulf of the past and the future
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Looking at the past and the future - which don't exist - and not at the present (which does)
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