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I don't know whether this problem falls within the scope of this board, but perhaps someone knows what's going on with my email.
The thing is, whenever I click on an internet link that is in the text of an email, everything freezes up. I cannot go to that link directly from the email. I have to copy the link and then paste it into Google.
It's a real pain when you forget and click on the link. The only way out is for the computer to be shut down.
It's Ok for links that are posted here, just emails that are affected.

I am afraid that is beyond my pay grade. I think you will have to get on to your ISP.

But, by all means put up further info here if you would like. What is your email and operating system?

I will bet that Darryl uses IE 9.  Here's information that may help:

Thanks Bertha. Does that help Darryl?

Yes, it did help, Duncan.
Bertha, you are a genius.
I have no idea what IE9 is, but I got onto that link and the problem described there was exactly what was wrong with my computer. I followed (very gingerly) the steps indicated there. I balked a bit at 'delete personal settings' for fear of what I may lose, but I bravely went on and bingo, the problem has disappeared.
I had to use a password to get back into LGC but fortunately I hit the right password second try. My homepage (Google) had disappeared, but I have got that back again now. So all is good.
Bertha, you should open an on-line consultancy service!


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