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What does the underlined part 'it' refer to?

 Playing has become so rare in our society that some people, such as engineer Henry Petroski and neurobiologist Arthur Yuwiler, worry that the art of it will be lost. Both men have noted that many of their professional skills were developed by taking apart watches, fixing old bicycles and radios, and generally making things just for the fun of it when they were young. Kids don’t do that anymore. When something breaks, we replace it. Electronic devices don’t reveal their inner workings even when taken apart. As a result, many universities have had to institute “remedial play courses” for engineers and scientists, in which students, for the first time in their life, take apart and reassemble a bike, a laser printer, or some other common object to find out how it works. The need for such courses shows that both our home environments and our schools have failed to foster basic curiosity.

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making things.