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Small problem when logging in

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I'm using IE8 in the office and Firefox at home. I never ever let a browser save my password for any site. Much too dangerous for my taste.

--- Quote ---I have the defaults set to delete everything when I close my internet sessions
--- End quote ---

Good choice from a safety point of view. I do the same at work.
As for login: On my screen the fields are black on a grey background, they also give a slight 3D impression and I find them OK.

Perhaps, Dave, you could play around with your colour settings? I use 32bit. Do you have a flat screen or one of the old big ones? Also worth trying: increase the brightness. Most screens get darker with age and one needs to adjust the brightness setting from time to time.

On second thought... I do have a problem with login. In about 30% of the cases it doesn't accept my login name and password in said black fields and pops up the error message anyway. I then enter the same data again and it works fine.

Don't know. In Chrome, the log in  boxes have an orange border and it always (touch wood) works first tme for me if I log out and then try to log back in.

Just another thought... if you log in from the main menu (the horizontal black bar on the orange background) you can select to stay logged in.

Thanks everyone! Sorry I haven't been on here very much of late.

I have the same colours and boxes that Britta showed. I usually check this site from work, where I have a fairly new monitor. I am using IE8. At home, I alternate between laptops and desktop PC, with a variety of versions of IE.


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